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~ Olive Green Cookies ~


Made by the hands of women of courage of Samba district (J&K), each Koshur, the delicious Olive Green cookies are now being made available through our website. You can order your cookie packs right here
Do contact us if you have any questions or want to help us with sales.

~ Apple Walnut Cookies ~


Product of months of hard work by Aseem's volunteers in Kashmir and in Pune, the delicious Apple Walnut cookies have now being made available through our website. You can order your cookie packs right here
Do contact us if you have any questions or want to help us with sales.

FCRA update

~ Aseem Foundation is now FCRA approved ~

We are happy to inform all our stakeholders that we now are an FCRA approved NGO.
We have been trying to get this approval through the GoI portal for quiet some time and although it is a bit time consuming,
we found out that it certainly is doable on our own. Earlier in the last week of December we were informed that the status has been updated and we received our certificate last week.
We hope to achieve even higher aims with the backing of this news at the beginning of the new year.
We will soon update the donation information here

Aseem Foundation
Registration number: mah.1932/2010/pune
FCRA number: 083930702

~Second Opinion Health Centres~

At Samba, J&K

The first of the several Second Opinion Health Centres to be opened up in
entire Kashmir in future, was inaugurated on 25th November 2017.
The inauguration ceremony was live webcasted and was viewed from Pune and Mumbai.
Many renowned doctors from Maharashtra are associated with this centre.
The ex-military residents of Samba will now benefit without having to travel longer distances.

Aseem Jhelam IT Community Initiative

~ Grand Opening at Kamalkote, Uri ~

An IT training cum community centre was inaugurated at Kamalkote village, Uri in June 2017.
The centre named as "Aseem Jhelum IT Community Inititative" is a symbol of grit and will of the villagers
who aggregated the funds for the same.
This centre will now serve the region for the betterment of the community with the help of Army.
On the same occasion, an all women bakery of Koshur Krunch biscuits was opened at Uri. It has started functioning in July.


Periodical focused on the brighter sides of border states

Research and Education wing of Aseem has now started publication of a brand new periodical Aagāz (The Beginning).
Aagāz will focus on the brighter sides of the conflict ridden border states of India,
the stories of common men that you don't get to hear in the mainstream media.
Regular issues of the periodical, only available in digital form, will be delivered through email.
If you're interested to know the grass root level situation in border states of India be sure to register to receive Aagāz in your inbox.
Contact us.

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Abhilasha Next Session

Project Abhilasha is one of the educational initiatives of Aseem that involves providing career guidance exposure to students from remote areas through video conferencing. The most recent session was held on 18th Nov 2017. The speaker Dr. Prayag Sethiya, Pune engaged the participating students from Noon Public School, Sankoo, Kargil introducing them to various career options in medicine.
Read more here

The last session was held on 19 May 2018 on Careers in Engineering. Miss Preeti Rane, a renowned IT consultant communicated with Schools in Kashmir and Kargil and guided the students.
Schools can contact us to join the sessions.


New Boys' Hostel

The home for Kashmiri friends has now evolved into a permanent hostel. It will now host 11 Kashmiri students in various school standards and who will continue their scholastic education in Pune with Aseem's help. They will be provided all the assistance for their studies at this facility.
Meanwhile, the girls will continue their education while staying at the Girls' Hostel.


Rashtra Aradhan

The fourth in the series was held on 21st Jan 2018. India's youngest PVC awardee Subedar Yogendra Singh Yadav was honoured on the occasion followed by his candid interview.
Previously, Aseem held third program in the series Rashtra Aradhan at Pune and Nigdi on 18th and 19th February 2017. Naib Subedar Sanjay Kumar, PVC was interviewed by Dr. Nirgudkar in presence of hundreds on Punekars who left inspired.
We also felicitated Mr. Saeed Abbas of, KHDC, Mr. Suhail Khan, journalist and 10 panch and sarpanch from J&K on the occasion.

Last updated: 19 May 2018

Communication and Friendship Tours

We stress the need of informal interactions and encourage participation by people. Annually Aseem organises a study tour for school-children and gives them a much-needed exposure. Similarly people from both regions visit each other in Friendship Tours.

Educational Initiatives

Aseem is runs various projects under its Educational Initiatives.
Project Abhilasha: a series of lectures roughly one per month showcased live through video conferencing to reach the 9th and 10th standard students from across the country. Administrative services, medicine, engineering, arts, sports, commerce, law, agriculture, architecture, business, linguistics, management are the major topics that are discussed. Abhilasha commenced on 9th Feb 2013 and has received terrific response so far from schools as far as Assam, Nagaland and Ladakh.
e-friendship and e-Mentoring: Students from Border areas get connected to an e-Friend or e-Mentor and they communicate so that the students get directional guidance and to learn new skills.
Integrated Schools: Under this project we connect one school from Border region with one school from mainland India. They have at least one interaction per month through video conferencing. They have guest lectures and the schools in Border areas are inntroduced to new teaching techniques and new opportunities for students. Currently Khushal Valley Public School from J&K is interacting with Jnana Prabodhini school, Pune, MH. “Abhilasha”,

National Integration Park

Featuring 21 Paramveer chakra awardees on a feature wall, the Ekatmata Udyan or national Integration Park is a place near Pune (at Chandiwali) that symbolizes the national integration and brings together groups of active people to work towards a common national cause. We hold various congregations to discuss national issues, show films hold study workshops here.

Social Entrepreneurship Development

Efforts are aimed at creating socially beneficial opportunities for the youth of Border states. Successful experiments in the state of Jammu and Kashmir include Apple-Walnut biscuits (production and sales)and women's self help groups into embroidery. Read the details under Projects.


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