Our Philosophy

Aseem Foundation was established with a universal theme cutting across economic, social, religious or ideological differences to change the society. It resolves to bridge minds who want to change things for better through its work in the fields of Education, Organization and Development.

We are a non-governmental organization committed for developing and establishing connections between the people from the disturbed Border regions and from the rest of India.

Even before registration, the volunteers of Aseem have worked on ground for more than 9 years and hence stand different. Our group consists of young enthusiasts from the industry and institutes, who accept the responsibility to change our society through their own efforts. The volunteers are committed to work in all geographies to connect the people.

Our Motivation

The proposed work is an outcome of a heartfelt and emotional experience turned into a logical mission to achieve trust through interaction and development. The interaction most of us have with the region of Jammu and Kashmir & North Eastern region of India is prominently through news papers, TV channels, speeches of politicians and liberal, secular or fanatical discussions among friends. This work is a small and simple step to extend this interaction beyond the superficial discussions. The human connection, the link and the bond in a personal relation, can go beyond regional, political, religious, linguistic or any other barriers. We intend to establish this communication between the people of such disturbed regions near India's borders (including the north-eastern states) and the people living in the rest of India.

Trust cannot be achieved through fleeting interaction but needs sustainable and enduring efforts. A sustainable interaction intended for development can go leaps and bounds to achieve confidence amongst people.

Aseem has based its work on the triad of communication-trust-development.

Advisory Council

Lt. Gen. (Rtd.) Vinayak Patankar

Avinash Dharmadhikari

Founder, Chanakya Mandal, Pune
Former IAS officer

Dr. Raja Dandekar

Lokasadhana Trust

Prashant Kothadiya

Consultant, Communication and Youth Engagement, Azim Premji Foundation

Sachin Gadgil

Sr. Director, Symphony Teleca

Leena Mehendale


Prasad Eledath


" Abhilasha is one of the most novel activities for the benefits of students residing in the border states of Bharat. It serves the purpose of creating the bondage between two sides. Exchange of the useful information, especially for the youngs, is indeed a real service for national integration. This small step will go long way to reduce the gap between Bharat and India. Happy to be a part of this activity.
- Dr. P. C. Sethiya, Pune "

" First n most importantly, it (eFriendship project) will encourage people of different areas to put their different issues and discuss over them. It can be called as social work so I like to work for the society. It's developing a bridge between two states
- Suhail, Bijbehara "

" Sarang dada.. I feel proud of the initiatives like this you are taking for promoting national integration and harmony.. I consider myself fortunate to know and be associated with you and Aseem Foundation in whatever small way that I am..
- Varun Baranval, IAS rank 32 (2014) "

Our Team

Sarang Gosavi

  • President

    Email: sarang.gosavi@aseemfoundation.org

Sanskruti Bapat

  • Vice President
    Research and Education Centre

Sai Barve

  • Secretary
    Social Entrepreneurship Development

Niruta Killedar

  • Trustee
    Project Abhilasha

Deep Bandivadekar

  • Webmaster


Sandip Tambe

  • Treasurer
    Bed and Breakfast Tourism

Tejashri Karve

  • Trustee


Tejaswini Kulkarni

  • Trustee
    Girls' Hostel

Adwait Shende

  • Coordinator

    Koshur Krunch

Ganesh Shelke

  • Coordinator
    Boys' Hostel

Sanskar Bapat

  • Coordinator

Amol Ghuge

  • Caretaker
    Boys' Hostel

Nivedita Toro

  • Coordinator

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