Home For Jammu-Kashmir Friends

- A Home Away From Home -

Latest Update: Aadil is selected for zonal level in 100M & 200M Race       Mukaddar is selected for zonal level in shot-put & secured Third place in Taekwando on District Level      

Home for Jammu Kashmiri Friends (HFJKF) is a programme initiated by Aseem foundation, which invites students from border areas to live, learn and grow in a supportive community in Pune, where ASEEM is based. By making available a proper guidance in Pune,, HFJKF tries to overcome the obstacles like lack of proper guidance, frequent gaps in the education and hence a possible loss of interest in schooling, no way of exposure to the outside world, living and studying constantly under some or other fear etc.

Aseem's Vision

ASEEM’s vision is not limited to just educating the pupils and making them eligible for securing employment. It is much more than that. Along with an unhindered education, ASEEM tries to develop their leadership qualities as well. These leaders will be learned citizen of the country, exposed to the world outside Jammu Kashmir Ladakh region, acquainted with different ways any problem can be handled and solved. And at the same time, they themselves will have experienced the severity of the problems in border areas. They will have a deep compassion for their native land and people. That is why this citizen of tomorrow will be the most eligible candidates to suggest innovative, effective and sustainable solutions to the prevailing issues. ASEEM hopes that these leaders in future will inspire their own communities who have lost faith in achieving a better life and show one possible way out of the miserable conditions prevailing in border areas.


1. To encourage students to set goals and dreams and to formulae plans for their attainment

2. To promote communication and mutual understanding between individuals and communities of border areas with rest of India

3. To foster socially-minded leadership among the next generation

Current Students

1.  Afreen Mir

2.   Mukadar Gojar

3.   Adil Mir

4.   Suhail Dar

5.   Willayat Rather

6.   Mohammad Ali

7.   Owais Malik

8.   Numan Bhat

9.   Faizan Mir

10.   Stanzin Angmo

11.   Pemba Doma

12.   Pemba Yangzi

13.   Sonam Angchuk

14.   Diskit Dolkar

15.   Tsering Tsomo

16.   Sherap Chorol

17.   Yangzin Chuskit

18.   Chhosmith Dolkar

Past Students

1.   Saquib Mir

2.   Saqlain Shaikh

3.   Azhar Shaikh

4.   Tsering Dolma

5.   Nilza Angmo

6.   Kawsar Din

7.   Noor Basu