We have come across few incidences in last few days which have prompted us to reaffirm authenticity of people closely associated with Aseem Foundation. We have taken note of some incidences, especially in the Kashmir valley, where certain individuals acted in the guise of representatives of Aseem Foundation without having any such authority assigned to them.

As per the resolution made on 13th Sept 2017 by the trustees of Aseem Foundation, all Aseem memberships will be invalid from 15th October 2017. All the current members are being notified that they should renew their membership by submitting a fresh membership form and obtain acceptance for the same from the President of Aseem. It is being informed to all concerned that NO person except the trustees and the members with written authority letter can represent Aseem Foundation or use Aseem Foundation's name.

President, Aseem Foundation
12 Oct 2017

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