Olive Green Cookies

- Apple Walnut Cookies -

- Made by Veer Naris, Manufactured at Samba Military Station -

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About Olive Green

Working on ground level for more than 15 years helped Aseem acutely understand local problems in turmoil ridden Border states like Jammu and Kashmir and the North-Eastern states.

Produced from the highest quality of apples and walnuts from Kashmir, every cookie in this pack is infused with the flavour of valour and sacrifice. Made by the hands of women of courage of Samba district (J&K), each Koshur Krunch Olive Green Cookie tells a story of fighting the odds after losing someone near and dear. These war widows have the grit and determination to embrace fate with stern will and pride themselves in being called ‘Veer Nari’. So with the purchase of every pack of Koshur Krunch’s Olive Green Cookies, you are saluting not only the brave martyr but also supporting the indomitable spirit of the war widows or ‘Veer Naari'. Under the project the war widows are employed to manufacture cookies at a new bakery in Samba. These cookies are packaged and sold across the country.