Ekatmata Udyan

How it Started...

There is a strong need to create awareness in a self-centered society losing the sight of effective nationalism. Collective thinking of nation-building and truning those thoughts into action is the need of the time. Thus, Aseem has decided to bring together like-minded people on one platform called Ekatmata Udyan or National Integration Park. This is currently being developed near Pune.

What is in the Ekatmata Udyan?

>> Param Veer Chakra awardees commemorated using feature walls spread all over the park.

>> Display boards and flexboards informing visitors of issues like terrorism, social instability, internal conflicts, naxalism and so on.

>> A platform for delivering lectures, holding discussions and street-plays.

>> Projector for screening informative videos, documentaries and relevant films.

>> A place for like-minded people to come together, discuss the national issues and take steps based on conclusions.

What is in it for you??

School Students: One-day tour or Two-day camp. Includes Lunch & Dinner on day 1; Breakfast & Lunch on Day 2. Ideal for 12-16 years.

Corporate Tours: One-day tour or Two-day camp. Optional: Stay in outdoor tent. Ideal for team size up to 25. Team building games, group activities, adventure games etc. will be conducted. Transportation & food optional.

Enthusiasts, Students, Volunteers: The park is open for you all times, provided prior permission is granted by Aseem Foundation in advance. Use below link to get in touch:

Get in touch

You can get in touch with Aseem's team using the information on Contact Page

Images from the Ekatmata Udyan