The Concept

Samba district has a large population of ex-servicemen of the armed forces. The district can be easily called a soldier's retirement home. Most of the district's population lives in semi-rural area and has less chances of getting top-class medical treatment because of many constraints.

Aseem, along with Samba Brigade, has established a 'Second Opinion Health Centre', which is an online consultancy to give the veterans a second opinion on their medical condition.

So far, following doctors have been participating in the activities: (specialities in brackets)

>> 1. Dr. Milind Modak - Orthopaedic
>> 2. Dr. Kalindi Modak - Ophthalmology
>> 3. Dr. Pratibha Phadke - Medicine
>> 4. Dr. Ratna Magotra - Cardiac
>> 5. Dr. Utkrant Kurlekar - General Surgeon
>> 6. Dr. Sachin Hingamire - Oncologist


The centre was formally inaugurated in November 2017 at the hands of Brig. Anil Raman. (Pictured)