Arogya Sevika

- Accesible healthcare in villages -

Aarogya-sevikas are local level health workers who will be available at grass-root level and at doorsteps of people for basic and immediate healthcare needs of village. These Aarogya-sevikas being part of the village/community are well aware of local health, hygiene and sanitation problems and hence can be an immediate solution for basic issues and requirements. Aarogya-sevikas will be women selected from chosen village and trained for the healthcare function they need to perform. These women will not only work on basic health and sanitation of villagers but will also act as a mediator between the village and the Army hospital/District Hospital/PHCs. Hence this community-based approach will be low cost solution for village development.

Project Milestones

1. Identification of women

2. Skill test

3. Final selection

4. Training and Village level implementation

Due to COVID19 pandemic, we have had to stop the training activities, earlier planned to be held in June 2020. The project will be restarted once normalcy returns.