Mithas Bakery

- Apple Walnut, Choco Chip Cookies -

- All-Women bakery at Bandipore, Jammu-Kashmir -

Koshur Krunch was started back in 2014-15, but we operated an all-male workforce. Nida Khan, an aspiring entrepreneur from Bandipore, came forward and contacted us regarding starting an all-women bakery unit in her village.

This unit started operating in early 2017, and has been gaining momentum ever since. The production capacity has also increased, thanks to updated automated machinery. This bakery manufactures the classic Apple-Walnut cookies, and in its peak capacity can serve 500kg orders per month. This bakery directly employs 4 women, and through indirect channels, generates or supports the livelihood of at least 20 people.

In year 2018, a media outlet serving Kashmiri content came across Nida's example, and decided to make a video report on her story. Since they published the report, Nida has been a household name in Kashmir valley, with new women entrepreneurs looking at her as an idol. Aseem is very happy to have participated in the process of making entrepreneurs in the valley, and we sincerely hope this example will make more youth to consider self-employment or entrepreneurship as the source of their livelihood. This not only enables economic self-dependence, but also generate employment across the social strata.

Products from this bakery can be ordered on This link