Koshur Krunch & Olive Green Cookies

~ A Social Entrepreneurship Venture of Aseem Foundation ~

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About Koshur Krunch & Olive Green

Koshur Krunch and Olive Green bakeries are Aseem's Social Entrepreneurship ventures with two different business structures.

Koshur Krunch is operated in partnership with Jammu-Kashmir's young entrepreneurs, while Olive Green is operated with the help of Samba Brigade.
Koshur Krunch primarily employs Kashmiri youth & women in various steps of the business, ranging from material procurement to retail supply. We believe that empowering youth & women is the most simple way to transfer the benefits to respective families.

Olive Green employs Veer Naris (War widows) from Samba district in Jammu & Kashmir. These women want to be self-dependent, and not just rely on the government or the armed forces. It is our duty to provide them with an honorable life after all that they've sacrificed for us.